Enamel is an ancient art form of fusing ground glass to metal. My enamels use recurring elements of fish, birds, reptiles, insects, blossoms & plants. Intricate details lead the eye into the heart of the enamel. These images are personalized icons representing a reverence for the natural world.

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Ave Series

Ave Egret and Tortoise Ave Great Blue Heron Ave Bass Ave Heron Ave Ibis

Gem Series  

Gold Squares Spiral Windowscape Leaves Windowscape Red Square

Quilt Series

Anhinga Snakebird Quilt Heron Quilt Floridance Quilt: Egret Floridance Quilt: Cranes


Seaturtle Quilt Redwing Blackbird Quilt Floridance Quilt: Dragonfly Spoonbill Quilt

Sun Series  

Sun Kite Sol Dance Sun Crane Sun Swamp Gems

Swamp Series

Heron and Mullet Sandhill Cranes Bird Games Swamp Gems Heron Swamp Dance Birds Swamp Dance Blue


Swamp Dance Cha Cha Cha Swamp Dance Swamp Garden Afternoon Flight Swamp Garden River Anhinga Swamp Garden Lotus

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