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Would you like to learn how to fuse glass to metal? Join Tallahassee enamel artist Kathy Wilcox in her studio with state of the art equipment in a small class environment. Ages high school or older. Class size limit of 6 students. I also teach private lessons.

  » Private lessons are $235 per day.
  » Leon County Teachers - My workshops qualify for inservice points.
  » I am also available to teach workshops at Art Schools, Art Centers, and Guilds.
  » All of the workshops can be extended in time to allow for more depth.

  » Price $115 for 7 hr. class - includes materials
  » Saturdays or Sundays from 9:00-4:00
  » Bring your own lunch - drinks and snacks provided
  » All workshops same price and times except for Screen Printing

Kathy Wilcox is scheduled to teach another course at Arrowmont in June 2017. read more....


If you have never enameled or you need a refresher course, take the all day workshop called "Introduction to Enameling". This workshop will teach you all the basics of "How to Enamel," the process of fusing glass to metal. You will learn about enamel characteristics, preparation of the metal, all about opaque and transparent colors, methods of application, firing process, and the finishing methods. The afternoon will be spent exploring the fun techniques of dry sifting and using stencils with enamel. You will go home with your first completed enamel jewelry (earrings, pin, or a pendant) or a small wall piece. Anyone can have successful results with the basics of enameling!


This is a follow-up class to the basic introduction class. You will develop more skill with the many options that you have already learned and have a chance to try out any of the previous design ideas that you didn't have time for during the Introduction workshop. In addition you will learn about the experimental firescale technique. This is when the oxidation that develops on the copper can be used as part of your design. Firescale oxidation can create interesting organic textures and patterns on the copper that can be incorporated into your enamel design.


Liquid Enamel is a very fine powder that when mixed with water can be poured, painted, daubed, sprayed, or dipped. You will be introduced to the possibilities of working with liquid enamel with a focus on the technique of sgraffito. It is simple to create finely detailed designs using the sgraffito (scratch through) technique with liquid enamel. The liquid enamel is daubed wet on the copper or a pre-fired base of enamel. Once it has quickly dried you scratch through the liquid enamel using sharp pointed tools. It is much easier to control a liquid enamel design than scratching through dry standard enamel powder. If you have a color or multi-colored background it's fun to cover it with liquid enamel and then sgraffito through. It's a surprise to reveal the color underneath!


In this workshop you will learn drawing and painting methods using a quill pen or a small brush. We will work with liquid paint products called over glazes and the (SEC) painting colors. These products are finely ground enamel made to look and act like regular paints. You can blend colors, mix new colors and draw very fine lines with the quill pen. You will learn all the characteristics and how to use both products, have a choice of water or oil base, and how to fire. These over glaze and paint enamels can be used to enhance a stencil design or can be used independently to create an enamel design.


This workshop will continue to explore more drawing and painting products which will include ceramic pencils, chalks, crayons, regular graphite pencils, watercolors, and acrylics. With the drawing materials you will be able to do a line drawing, shading, details or work with the materials wet like inks. The watercolor or acrylic enamels are just like working with actual paints. You can mix colors and apply them thin or thick depending on the desired effect. You will learn all the characteristics and methods of working with each product. These entire drawing and painting materials can be used in combination with each other and combined with standard powder enamel.


Foils for enameling are very thin sheets of pure gold or silver that you can fuse to an enamel surface. These delicate sheets of foil are handled between tissue paper and can be cut or torn. You will learn how to apply and fire foil to an enamel surface. Once the foil is fired it is permanent. The foil can be left on the top surface or covered with transparent enamel, either clear or colors. In this workshop you will learn all the basics of using metallic foils in your enamel design. This workshop is more advanced so you need to have at least two or more of my workshops or prior enamel experience. (a small amount of foil is included in the fee, additional foil can be purchased.)


Wet Inlay is another method of applying the powder to the metal and is sometimes called wet packing. In this method you wet the enamel powder with water and apply the enamel with a brush pushing the grains of glass into place. Using wet inlay gives you more control than working with the powder dry and requires more time. In this workshop you will learn more about the differences of working with opaque and transparent enamels and how to wash transparent enamels. With the wet inlay method you will learn how to achieve more complicated designs, place different colors side by side in one firing, and mix or blend colors. This method can be used with other enamel techniques or can be used completely on its own.


The screen printing process allows you to transfer your design or image on to the copper. This technique is ideal for easily transferring a photo copy of a detailed design or art work. The enamel is passed through the screen that has your design on it, creating a print that is then fired. You will spend time making your own screens using the thermo fax machine imaging method and or the photo-EZ method. Then you will learn how to screen print and fire standard powder enamel using your own designed screen. A screen can be used over and over again and can be applied to create enamel jewelry or wall pieces. You will also receive information on how to make screens on you own with plenty of design ideas!
When you sign up for this class you will receive information in advance with suggestions and screen sizes. The copper available to you will be the smaller sizes up to 2"x 2" approximately. If you make a larger design you would need to bring larger size copper or special order it from me in advance.
Two-day workshop
Saturday 9:00-4:00 and Sunday 9:00-4:00
Fee - $230 includes some materials


This workshop is set up for you to work on the technique or products of your own choosing. You have to select from only techniques that you have already learned about in previous workshops. There will be no new instruction, but I will be available to assist and review when you need any refreshing. The size of the available copper will be the same as in other workshops. If you have a plan to work larger, contact me in order to purchase larger copper in advance. Many people have used this time to bring in projects that were not completed in previous workshops. It is also a great time to work in more depth on a favorite technique.



This is a "project" workshop where you will enamel a design on a single electrical light switch wall plate. The light switch plate is copper and will be covered on the front and the backside with enamel. The design technique that you will use is what I call "Shortcut Sgraffito" using both opaque and transparent enamel powders. This technique is fun, fairly quick and the results are great. The switch plate comes with a set of screws and can easily be installed. So when you go home you will be able to replace one of those plastic plate covers with a one of a kind design done in permanent enamel.


In this workshop the focus will be on texturing your copper before applying the enamel. You will be able to experiment with several ways to texture the copper. Then, you will learn about how to highlight the textures with oxides or try the effect of the enamel pooling in the textured areas. You will have the opportunity to work with very thin copper that is great for making very light weight earrings. In this workshop you may focus on making a jewelry item or a few small samples for a record of enamel and textures.


In this workshop you will be able to explore lots of ways to play with the enamel powder to create special and unusual effects. You will only need to bring your imaginative experimental side as you follow me step by step. Some of the results have names such as break through, lace effect, pebble effect, and wet flow. There will also be time to work with accents such as glass beads and making enamel threads and shards. Then the beads, threads and shards can be fused to your enamel design as interesting accents. You can make small samples of each special effect technique for future reference or create a jewelry item using one of the special effects presented.


The base coat of your enamel will be etched so you can have a rough surface to work on. Then you will be able to use regular graphite pencils, ceramic pencils or colored chalks to draw directly on the enamel. You say I can't draw! So I guess this one is not for me. Well, you can also trace a design or drawing with carbon paper onto your enamel base coat. After the drawing is complete you can cover it with clear transparent enamel and be done. Or you can also add color by painting over the drawing with enamel watercolors or sifting transparent enamels over the drawing. Either way you have a drawing or painting permanently fused to your enamel glass surface. In this class you will make a miniature enamel wall piece or a jewelry item.


This is a "project" workshop where everyone will work on the same combination technique of "Multi-Colored Surprise". You begin by covering the copper shape with two or more colors by sifting the enamel powder and firing. This will be the base coat which can be simple or quite multi-colored. Then you will pour one color of the liquid enamel completely covering the previously fired base coat. Once the liquid enamel quickly dries it is easy to scratch through using pointed tools. As you scratch through lines and shapes to create a design the surprise comes as you reveal the colors underneath! This technique can be used on jewelry items as well as a small wall piece.


Once you have worked with enamel it is hard to resist wanting to try enameling again! In this workshop you are thinking in reverse and trying to resist the enamel. This is done by painting or drawing on the metal or base coat with "special" products that will resist the enamel. Wherever the resist is placed the enamel reacts. Interesting designs and effects can be created this way. It is fun to work in this creative method to make your one of a kind jewelry or small wall pieces.


In this workshop you will learn how to use a variety of stamps to create your enamel design. Also, you will be introduced to different ways to make your own stamps. There are two basic methods of working with stamps and enamel, one way is with adhesive and the other is using a paint type of enamel. You will be able to try both methods discovering that this is a fun and easy way to create enamel designs for jewelry or wall pieces. You may have your own collection of stamps that you can bring to this workshop to try out.


In the "Introduction" workshop you already learned some of the basics of working with stencils and enamel powder. This workshop will take you further as you explore more complicated stencils that actually make stenciling easier to do. You will learn how to make a stencil that uses an iron on fabric placed in an embroidery hoop. Come prepared with a design that can be cut out of the iron on fabric. This type of stencil works like silkscreen and makes working with the powder easy to do. Also, I will show you how to work with tricky stencils by wetting them with a glue water, such as a flatten batch of leaves picked from your back yard. So come prepared to see how tricky stencils are made easy!

Classes are offered each season.

Contact Kathy Wilcox for a "Registration Form". A deposit sent with the registration form will reserve your space.

Kathy Wilcox
217 Mill Branch Rd.
Tallahassee 32312

Questions? Call 893-3620 or e-mail at kewilcox[at]


The workshops are being held at my studio at 217 Mill Branch Rd. in Tallahassee, FL. My street is off of North Meridian Rd. just one street north of the intersection of North Meridian Rd. and Timberlane Rd. If you are traveling north on Meridian Rd. you will see Mill Branch on your left. (Mill Branch does not go through Meridian.) We are on the left side of the street, with a gravel driveway and a large black mailbox. There will be plenty of room to park in the driveway.


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